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 U.S. Women and the Princess syndrome

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U.S. Women and the Princess syndrome Empty
PostSubject: U.S. Women and the Princess syndrome   U.S. Women and the Princess syndrome Icon_minitimeTue Aug 14, 2012 1:35 pm

Original link: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread871452/pg2

Quote :

I just wanted to bring to attention that I have been noticing an increase of the egotistical "Princess Syndrome" in American Women.

The Princess syndrome is this whole persona that many women take on where they feel they should be treated like royalty, that they are in some kind of reality TV show, that they deserve the utmost attention, an entire paycheck spent on them, and only date the proverbial steroid jacked shallow douche-bags that we see on shows like Jersey shore.

I think it's a combo of the "American Dream" being instilled in them since birth coupled with all of these realty tv shows where the most abrasive and egotistical girl, becomes the most famous and most popular. It's literally polluted women's characters.

My own sister suffers from this syndrome and I tell her BF I feel sorry for him all the time. All my friends and co-workers I talk to all say the same thing, that we are literally drowning in an over abundance of women suffering from this syndrome.

I've actually considered a mail order bride from a country where they come from nothing, which means there is still a possibility they may appreciate what they have here and stay humble. Even that though, can end up with the girl becoming completely polluted by our Princess culture.

I see that rapid increase in the population of the US and it also involves men. It's doubled in the last few years. I refer to it as wanting things we really don't need. The fact that the numbers are increasing so fast shows a collapse of the system in the near future. These people's desires are what got the country into such a big financial mess, they are tied to government spending because of influential connections.

These influential people get funding for Building new roads to make things more unique or prettier and people back them because it creates jobs. Spending everyone's money by creating trends and laws to force or coerce their ways on others. Influential people like this get laws altered to cover up their deeds or allow their desires. This is going rampant all over the USA. It's like a disease. And people are backing this waste because it creates service oriented work. Get these people out of Washington and get sensible people elected before this whole thing comes crashing down on us. The impending disaster from this nightmare can escalate to a bigger event than nature can hit us with in the near future.

There's a new religion sweeping the planet like wild-fire - it's called Meism, and applies to both sexes. Although it seems to be more pronounced in the female gender.

The fundamentals of this new religion are greed, narcissism, self importance and histrionics !

Be very wary of falling prey to this most attractive yet sinister belief system. It will not only destroy your spirit, but every relationship you have ever had or will have in the future.

Peace Out

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U.S. Women and the Princess syndrome
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